Pleb Life

I had a bit of a revelation yesterday when looking in the mirror at my disastrous messy reflection. I have become a total pleb. Below are four things (among countless others, of course) that I have done within the past week that make me realise how different I am to the spendaholic girl I was just a year ago.

1) Damaged hair treatment
The summery dry heat I am currently living in, perfect for growing vines, is not so perfect for my hair. It has made it totally dead and dry and impossible to brush without crying. Obviously I didn’t want to fork out to buy hair products, so instead I decided to put my body lotion through my hair. Turns out that my hair hated that (plus it just looked oily AF), as there is some ingredient in body lotion that just makes the situation worse. 10/10 Anna.

2) Haircut
Due to above situation, I decided I needed a haircut. Get rid of all the dead bits. I didn’t want to pay for a cut, so I asked YouTube, who told me to put my hair in a high ponytail and cut straight. Out came the paper scissors and off came my hair. I now kind of look like I was attacked by a toddler in art class, but at least I can brush my hair!

3) Manicure
I have had the same nail polish on my finger nails for about a month now, and obviously it was looking fairly appalling. Not able to bring myself to pay for a manicure, or even nail polish remover, I got to work picking the nail polish off my nails, then getting the rest off by scraping by nails with a pair of scissors. My nails have never looked better :/

4) The tailor
My black jeans have had a long happy life, but have started getting holes and slits in inappropriate places. One side ripped a few months ago, and my friend did an excellent job of sewing it up for me, and it is in fact still in tact (I tried myself, it ripped straight away, so he took the needle off me and did it instead). Now the other side has been playing up. I sewed it back together 3 times, it ripped again, I cut a piece of fabric off a recyclable shopping bag, to make a “patch”, sewed that over it, and I’m pleased to announce that last night, that masterpiece ripped worse than ever. Just buy a new pair of jeans, Anna.

I never thought I would see the day when I would find this kind of behaviour acceptable, yet here we are.




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