Girardote #4

I want to tell you about our filter.

Our filter is one of our favourite “F’s” (fridge, fan, filter).

Girardot doesn’t have drinkable water. We used to buy big 6 litre bags of water and spend about 30mins every few days transferring it carefully into multiple drink bottles. This wasn’t a very sustainable solution though, so we decided to invest in a filter so that we can drink the tap water.

We try to keep well on top of it, and we have two big jugs that we fill up constantly.

The thing is, that because the jugs are so big, it takes quite a bit of time for them to fill. So we start to fill them, then forget about them.

9 times out of 10, we forget the filter is on, until we walk over to the kitchen and the whole bench and floor is flooded.

One time, I got a panicked call from Maija, who had left the filter on and gone out for about 6 hours, then came home to a completely flooded apartment, including a drenched mattress. Cozy.

Last night I was skyping my amazing mama, and I looked up and saw a glistening on the floor. I first just assumed that the shower was leaking (even though the shower doesn’t leak?), then came to my senses and screamed THA FILTAAAAAAAA! And we all ran to the scene and mopped and laughed hysterically.

Luckily the heat makes any level of flooding dry in 10 mins max. Basically, flooding our floor is one of our favourite Girardot activities, and it keeps us well busy.


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