Girardote #3

Another cute thing that happened was the time we were out of water for 3 days.

Our neighbourhood, Santa Isabel, seems to have a recurring water issue. This means that every house has a tank attached, for when the street water goes out. Us lucky gringas, however, have the fortune of sharing our tank with all of the washing machines of the building.

One fine day, the street water went off, and evidently the entire building decided that that was the day to do their washing with their mammoth washing machines, using the tank water.

Of course, the tank ran out, and Maija and Anna were left with one bucket of water, which we had intelligently filled up as soon as we had realised we were on tank water.

I must say, I’m very impressed with us for making one bucket of water last for 2 girls for 3 days. Especially in a sauna city where let’s face it, even having 4 showers in a day is a little bit unhygienic.

Needless to say, we now have an appropriately passive aggressive hand written sign stuck above the washing machines asking people not to use them if the tank water is on.


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