A quick Girardote

(Girardote = Girardot + Anecdote… I’m so witty)

Hi! Since I’m evidently just generally terrible at keeping up with this blog, I’m going to try to post more frequently, but shorter posts- Girardotes- while I work on catching up on the bigger posts about the travel I do outside of Girardot.

This first one is about a crack up day at school a few months ago.

First it must be noted that Girardot is always hot hot hot, but it sometimes rains… and when it rains, it POURS.


One morning at school, we had torrential downpour. Since we don’t have actual glass in the windows at our school, this makes teaching extremely difficult, because you literally can’t even hear your own voice. I made it through the first 2 hours of class, and then the babies had their morning break. All hell broke loose. What is it about kids and rain? They were running around, rolling around in the puddles, yelling, screaming, jumping into the “lake” (which is more like a small murky swamp-pond) in their uniforms, and filling up the rubbish bins with swamp water and tipping them on each other. They were out of control. Then the best thing happened.

I heard a bunch of yelling and screaming, look up and what do I see? A stampede of kids chasing a huge iguana down the walkway next to the classrooms. Then one brave guy takes off his tshirt, throws it onto the iguana’s back, picks it up, and throws it over the fence, out of the school property. I have never been so confused/entertained in my life.

Anyway, shortly after this, the entire student body gathered at the front gate, and were chanting at the principal to let them go home. After about 10 minutes of this, the gates opened, the kids all ran (literally) out, and that was my school day done by 8am.



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