Colombia Parte Uno- Bogota Babez

I realise it has been basically a lifetime since I’ve written. It certainly feels like it. My life has undergone like 20000 changes in the last month and a half.

I arrived in Colombia on the first of March. It felt gooood to be back in Bogota. There is something infectious about this city, in the way its marvellous chaos slightly terrifies me, but at the same time, invigorates me, and grows on me a little more every time I visit.

I am an extremely lucky girl. My dear Colombian friend who currently is living in Melbourne, helped me to get in touch with his wonderful family, who live in Bogota. This amazing family took me under its wing from the moment I landed. They picked me up from the airport in the middle of the night, took me to find food, and housed me for an entire week while I got my bearings, and got ready to start my program.

On March 6th, I arrived at the beautiful Windsor House Hotel, very close to the luxe AF Parque 63- easily one of my favourite areas of Bogota. I checked in, found my way to my room, and waited for my roomies to arrive. I was the first person to arrive so obviously I walked straight past the 3 trundler beds, and straight to the king bed. Because that’s just the kind of dickhead I am. Did I feel terrible for the whole week, watching my roomies sleep in their coffin beds? Yes. But what can ya do?

One by one, up until about 3am, the other inhabitants of room 619 streamed in. What a bunch of hunniez. We really clicked right away, and I quickly became obsessed with each of them, because again, that’s just the kind of creepy dickhead I am. I was shocked by the luck I had with my room mates. I’m not even making this up- they actually let me, no, ENCOURAGED me to play Mario’s “Let me love you” every morning in our hotel room. They even made up dances with me and filmed them just for da lolz. Hello is this destiny?

Our orientation week in Bogota was a total whirlwind. It was ridiculously fun being one of approx. 200 volunteers, all of us like minded, and most of us freaking cool AF. I felt terrible for any other guests who had the misfortune of sharing the hotel with us, because it very much resembled a University dorm, with millions of youths roaming around excitedly for a whole week.

The week consisted of interesting talks by members of the volunteer organisation and the ministry of education, hours standing in queues waiting to set up our Colombian bank accounts and Colombian ID cards (okaaaay I get it, I’m a Colombian now), TESOL input sessions where we LUCKILY recapped our shoddy English grammar skills (in which I managed to be placed in the same group as the wonderful Mark every single time, much to the amusement/annoyance of the tutors… I will introduce you to Mark later on…he is the boy form of me yasssss), and getting told off by the kitchen staff for taking too much food at the buffet (uhhh hello, trying to grow here!). I even found myself in a bright green vest giving interviews in Spanish for the Colombian news channel. I apologise to anyone who had to see that.

Becoming Colombians!


As quickly as it began, our week in Bogota came to an end. We finished off the week with a total gringo takeover of a small local bar on a Sunday night, where we danced to sik latin beats until the wee hours, and wanted to kill ourselves the next morning with our 5am departure times for our placement cities.


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