So long swaggy CELTA

I finished the CELTA! I passed the CELTA! It’s an actual blimmen miracle. The crazy thing about that course is that even though it is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever put myself through, the moment I finished my last assessment, I felt kind of sad. What is wrong with me? It’s kind of like that, what is it, Stockholms Syndrome- where kidnapped people start to fall in love with their capturer? One person even likened it to childbirth- terrible at the time, but once it’s over, you kind of wonder why you complained so much because the end result is so buzzy. I really feel like I’ve achieved something great. It might seem trivial to someone who doesn’t know anything about the CELTA, but it’s TOUGH, ask anyone.
Week 4, our final week, was a weird one. We had to give two lessons each, both of which were almost completely individually planned, with very little help from the tutors. What this meant, was that we were just constantly doubting the content of our lessons; whether or not the students would understand anything, and whether or not we were completely missing the point of the lesson. It was pretty scary, and I think I speak for every member of the course when I say that very little sleep was had that week. On the eve of our very last class, I literally took 3 hours to get to sleep after already staying up planning until 1am, because I just couldn’t get random classroom-rubbish out of my head. I actually still don’t think I have completely caught up on my sleep.
Anyway, as I said, the week came and went, and as soon as I finished that last class, I felt all nawwwww about the CELTA and every misery that it entailed. We went for a really nice dinner as a class on our last evening at a restaurant on the 5ta Avenida called Almirante Pech. It is a trendy restaurant, with beautiful people, and a nice outdoor-indoor flow. It’s pricey in Mexican terms, but obviously we deserved it. Plus we got free mezcal shots so I aint complaining.  

The next day, I decided that I needed to get out of Playa. I think this was wise, given the over-tired, hyper-emotional, post CELTA coma I was in. It would have been way too sad sitting in Playa with my only purpose in life having been snatched away from me (is it fine for CELTA to be your prime purpose in life? Yes?). I had a nice early breakfast with my lovely CELTA soulmates at Senda (if I haven’t already mentioned it- the most BEAUTIFUL vegan food, and the most BEAUTIFUL vegan waiters/boyfriends. Not that I am actually vegan, but this place b tyt yo), then I caught a 10am bus to Merida.
Merida is approx. a 4 hour bus ride away from Playa. It is a very pretty colonial town, with very little tourism (superb when you’re a real chill traveller like me lolz). I spent one night there, in a hostel called La Emrita, which was on a nice quiet back street. There are a couple of museums to explore in Merida, but seeing as I didn’t have all that much time, I decided to spend it wandering the streets instead. Merida was weird in that the backstreets were gorgeous, but completely deserted. Then you get to the squares, and they are absolutely packed with people at all hours of the day (hello, do you have to work? Neither). Upon my wanderings, I stumbled across the main market. This was a hilarious experience for me. The market is in a covered building, and is chocka with people buying fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers, clothes, chillis, and anything really! I felt hilarious because I was obviously the only tourist there, and because I am a blue-eyed giant, I totally stood out. They all stared at me as I walked around gawking at every single item trying my hardest not to take photos and expose myself even more.  

 I left Merida the next day around midday for Cancun. I basically was only in Cancun because I had a flight leaving from there the next morning. I stayed in an airbnb with the most gorgeous family ever. As soon as I arrived, they asked me if I wanted dinner, and they gave me a delicious home cooked meal of meat, salad, and tortillas. It was nice to have a meal that was so freaking home-made. I really miss mama k’s cooking! I then stayed up for hours chatting to the family about all kinds of things, then went to sleep in the first double bed I’ve had for 6 weeks. So weird to not sleep in a coffin- how glam!

I’ve got a billion things to write about the week that followed, so I’ve decided to make this post a two part series to make it seem less boring to read. You’re welcome. 

To be continued…



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