Muy padre!


The last two weeks have been terrifying and engaging and anxiety-ridden and exciting all at the very same time. Since my last post, things have just gotten more and more intense on this course, and frankly, I’m exhausted!

Everyone told us that week 3 was the killer, where most students have cute meltdowns. Of course Anna  thinks she is some kind of chilled out miracle zen-child who wouldn’t be so pathetic. However, this week we felt it, we all felt it, and suddenly no one can sleep or function like a normal human anymore. There have been tears, strange classroom yoga lessons, printer malfunctions. Just the other night I almost punched someone in the face in the kitchen at the residence because he offered me a glass of wine while I cooked my dinner. Said convo went a little something like this: “Hey, haggard looking girl, you and those black bags under your eyes really look like you could use a drink! Have some of my wine”…me: “WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT ME AND HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME CAN’T YOU TELL IM A CELTA STUDENT BUT ALSO A NEW MEMBER OF THE HERMIT SOCIETY?”. (Note, that’s actually not what happened, but he did patronize me after I politely declined the wine for study reasons, by telling me to “relaaaaax, tranquilo, you’re in Mexico, have some fun”, and I basically had to just glare at him and leave the kitchen) The public is so challenging.

What I will say, is that the end is nigh- one week to go. That’s two assessed lessons, one assignment, and a whole lot of tutorials. I actually can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, how much I’ve learned, and how much I feel like I’ve known my new friends forever. I think maybe in a month or so, once I’ve remembered what it feels like to relax again, I will look back fondly on this course. Right now I just need a break and like 150000 hours of sleep. Also probably approx. 200 tacos (per hour) to make me feel normal again.

Most nights I stay up until at least 1am working on assignments or lesson plans for the following day. Even when I go to sleep, my mind is spinning with grammar and vocab and text analysis and white board pens and I can’t sleep anyway. I should probably become the ambassador the restaurant down the road, Como Como, where I buy my multiple daily coffees from (they know my name and my order now, poor them).

As I said in my last post, however, there are certainly worse places to be stressed out. Playa del Carmen is exciting. It is bold and busy and has such a cool variety of people, restaurants, and things to do.

Last week, was Carnaval here in Playa. The main venue was right outside my residence. At first I thought it was wonderful, hearing all of my favourite latin toonz on repeat right outside my window. It soon became a nightmare though, because, yes, Nicky Jam is an absolute hun, but Nicky Jam-min’ until 3 in the morning, shaking the entire residence, is not such a good time. Especially when you’re a stressed-out student on the verge of a psychotic break.


On a lighter note, though, lucky for y’all, I actually did something v interesting yesterday that didn’t involve CELTA. It was my birthday, so me and my cutie pals decided that we weren’t going to study, as we usually spend our whole weekends doing, and we were going to celebrate! At this point on the course, there is nothing we need more. I woke up, excitedly collected everyone from their rooms (on Anna’s birthday, everyone is an earlybird! You’re welcome!), and went for a gigantic breakfast at a gorgeous French Cafe called Chez Celine. 10/10 would recommend- they have the most beautiful pastries I’ve ever tasted, amazing breakfast combos which even fill up growing girls like myself, and strong coffee perfect for me and my under-eye baggage. After we stuffed our faces, we caught a cramped colectivo (aka prison van, churrr Meggie) down the coast to a beach called Akumal. I got to sit in the front with the driver and my friend Jen, because I’m the birthday girl (but also because there was no room anywhere else).


Akumal is approximately 30 minutes by car from Playa del Carmen. It is a beautiful, protected beach, where the caribe-blue water is full of turtles and beautiful fish. The name Akumal itself actually is Mayan for “Lugar de Tortugas”- place of turtles. For approx $30 NZD, you can hire all the gear you need, and snorkel around watching the little cuties live their turtle lives. It was AMAZING and I’m actually gutted that there aren’t more turtles wandering around in our everyday lives. We spent probably about 4 hours at Akumal, snorkelling, swimming, sun bathing, and NOT talking about school work. Once we were sufficiently burnt and hungry, we crammed into another prison van, and jetted back to Playa. Once at Playa, we went to the wonderful “El Fogon” for some outstanding fajitas. After we returned to our homes to check out our sunburns, shower, and try to coax the rastas out of our hair, we met again on the avenida quinta, had da beerzies, and went home to sleep, ready for a Sunday of study.



Four more days of hard work, and then I’ll be free to do what I want, when I want (lolz). Hopefully I will come out of this week with at least a smidge of my sanity still in tact…



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