Fiesta Americana Glam Teimz

We did something very extravagant, and decided to spend our last two nights together in an all-inclusive in Cancun. We stayed at Fiesta Americana Playa Condesa. This resort is in the Zona Hotelera- if you look at a map of Cancun, there is an extra strip of land in the Caribbean, to the right of the central city- that strip is chocka with luxe resorts, mostly all-inclusives, which all sit right on the water front, and boast insane views of the blue Caribbean sea, so bright that I swear the sand underneath the water is painted blue.


I had a fab time at this resort, and it was nice to just chill out after the busy days we have been having. However I would not recommend hanging out at one of these places for more than a couple of days. There is so so much more to see in Mexico than just the beach.

The hotel itself and the facilities were totally fabulous. Heaps of different dining options (an Argentinian steak house, a Mexican place, an Italian place, an Asian place, a pool bar, a smoothie stand, a buffet, a snack bar, a burger bar, a pizza bar, a ceviche bar, a normal bar, a café, a patisserie), amazing friendly staff, generous drinks, plenty of activities (if you’re into Zumba and aqua aerobics and that kind of rubbish), two gorgeous pools, and an AMAZING well maintained stretch of beach with plenty of loungers, umbrellas, and staff making sure your plate and cup were never empty.


Now to get onto the most important part: the food. As I said, this resort was an all-inclusive. This means all you can eat, and all you can drink. Of course, rather than taking this experience as any refined person would, with self-control and dignity, we took this as a challenge to eat as much as we could possibly stomach. If at any point during the stay we felt the feeling of “hunger”, it was considered a massive failure. Well, it all started as planned, and as soon as we arrived and checked in, we headed straight to the Asian/fusion restaurant, where we had tacos (go figure?). Megathanna were off to a roaring start, and no hunger was felt in day one of the food extravaganza.

In a sick twist of fate, unsurprisingly perhaps, it would appear that we took it too far. Who would have thought? Night one, and Meggie was sick to the stomach. She soldiered on well, and still managed to have midday margaritas, and a burger for lunch on day 2  (well done bubz, proud of yuuuh). Of course, I proclaimed to Meggie that I in fact had an iron gut, which was why I was fine. Lo and behold, night two, I got the same tummy thang. I made my best attempt at breakfast on day 3, but it was definitely a pitiful attempt compared to the great achievements I made yesterday.

For your viewing pleasure, I have actually compiled a list of all the things I ate during my stay. As you can see, it gets embarrassingly light towards the end of the stay. You’re welcome:

DAY 1: (midday arrival)

  1. Salad bar
  2. Chicken wrap with fries
  3. Dos equis
  4. 4x pastries
  5. Coffee
  6. Chocolate ice cream
  7. Orange juice
  8. Fries (room service)
  9. Coffee (room service) (Coffee and chips is such a tyt combo obvs)
  10. Pina Colada (getting dat fruit intake)
  11. Caprese Salad (healthy AF)
  12. Ravioli
  13. Dessert platter (too many things to describe)

DAY 2:

  1. Eggs, bread & potatoes
  2. Green Juice (v fitspo- to cancel out all the rubbish I ate, and to allow me to continue eating whatever the hell I wanted)
  3. Waffle
  4. Hotcakes
  5. French toast (still on breakfast)
  6. Pastries
  7. Fruits (yes, still on breakfast)
  8. 2x coffee
  9. Pina Colada
  10. Ceviche (WOWWW YO)
  11. Orange juice
  12. Mango/Pineapple Smoothie (fitspo)
  13. Burger and Fries
  14. Coca cola
  15. Chocolate ice cream
  16. Cappuccino
  17. Corn chips with guac
  18. Enchiladas
  19. Churros
  20. Mayan hot chocolate (for da memz)
  21. Peppermint tea (again, to melt away all the food I ate during the day)

DAY 3: (the day I was sick and eating like an anorexic person) (ok, it’s not surprising that I got sick now that I look at above list)

  1. Froot Loops (cause mum aint there to tell me off)
  2. Hot cinnamon roll
  3. Chocolate chip muffin
  4. Yoghurt and granola
  5. 2x coffee

And then I decided to GTFO of the resort before I ruined my stomach any more.

Also, dis the ceviche I ate:


So, to sum up, take it easy at all-inclusives. Exercise self-control and don’t act like a child at a kids birthday party. Hope you enjoyed learning about all the things I ate during my stay.


Anna xo



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